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Pelleas and Melisand, Maeterlinck Maurice
Belgium Hero and Martyr, 1914-1915, Maeterlinck Maurice

Excerpt from Pelleas and Melisand: And the Sightless; Two Plays Les aveugles (two prose dramas in one act, entitled respectively l'intruse and les 1890. ... więcej

Excerpt from Belgium Hero and Martyr, 1914-1915: Visé, Liége, Dinant, Termonde, Louvain, Malines, Nieuport, Ypres, Dixmude, Furnes, Etc. ... więcej

The Wrack of the Storm, Maeterlinck Maurice
Morceaux Choisis (Classic Reprint), Maeterlinck Maurice

Maurice Polydore Marie Bernard, Count Maeterlinck (1862-1949) was a Belgian poet, playwright and essayist. In 1911, he received the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Excerpt from Morceaux Choisis Chaque matin, au moment de la réalisation, une fenêtre s'ouvre sur l'espace, sur l'humanité, sur les ... więcej

The Intelligence of the Flowers (Classic Reprint), Maeterlinck Maurice
Les Sentiers dans la Montagne (Classic Reprint), Maeterlinck Maurice

Excerpt from The Intelligence of the Flowers It would be superfluous once more to trace the picture of the great systems of floral fertilization: ... więcej

Excerpt from Les Sentiers dans la Montagne Tude innombrable, toute-puissante quoique invisible, refoulent les vivants, les poussent hors des portes, et ... więcej

Les Sept Princesses (Classic Reprint), Maeterlinck Maurice
Aglavaine and Selysette - A Drama in Five Acts, Maeterlinck Maurice

Excerpt from Les Sept Princesses Blanches et les bras nus, sont endormies sur ces marches garnies de coussins de soie pale. Une lampe d'argent. About ... więcej

PREFACE It is more than doubtful. whether any work of Maetcrlincks, even in its translated form, requires any Introduction-except it be in the nature of ... więcej

Our Friend the Dog (Classic Reprint), Maeterlinck Maurice
Le Bourgmestre de Stilmonde, Maeterlinck Maurice

Excerpt from Our Friend the Dog From the ingenuous and melting eyes? From the ears pricked up to catch the words of man? Fromthe forehead that unwrinkled ... więcej

Excerpt from Le Bourgmestre de Stilmonde: Suivi de le Sel de la Vie Je le publie tel qu'il fut écrit, le hasard ayant si bien confirmé mes ... więcej

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